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Application for Birth Certificate in Tamilnadu

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About This File

Registration of Births and Deaths is compulsory throughout the state, as per the 'Registration of Births and Deaths Act 1969' - Central Act 18 of 1969.

The Registration of Births and Deaths, is carried out as per 'Tamil Nadu Birth and Death Registration Rules 2000'.

The persons responsible for doing Births and Deaths Registration are as follows:

  • Village Panchayats: Village Administrative Officers
  • Town Panchayats: Sanitary Inspectors / Executive Officers
  • Corporation / Municipal Areas: Sanitary Inspectors of the Division
  • Plantations / Estates: Estate Manger / Plantation Manager

  1. A Birth or Death has to be reported for registration, within 21 days of occurrence. Free copy of the certificate can be obtained at the time.
  2. Birth and Death registration is to be done at the place of occurrence.
  3. Any birth or death of which information is given to the registrars, after the expiry of twenty one days, but within thrity days of occurrance, shall be registered on payment of a late-fee of Rs.2/- (Rupees two only)
  4. Any birth or death of which information is given to the Registrar, after thirty days of occurrence, but within one year shall be registered only with the written permission of the Officer prescribed in this behalf and on payment of late-fee Rs.5/- (Rupees five only).
  5. Any birth or death which has not been reported within one year of its occurrance, shall be registered only on orders of the First Class Judicial Magistrate and on payment of a late-fee of Rs.10/- (Rupees ten only).
  6. Entry of name of the child is a must, and can be done free of cost within 12 months from the date of registration. After 12 months, the name can be registered by paying a fee of Rs.5/-
  7. However, a name cannot be registered after 15 years, from the date of registration of the birth. For the births and Deaths, that have been registered prior to 1.1.2000, without a name, the name can be entered on or before 31.12.2014 and for all the births registered on or after 1.1.2000, the time limit is 15 years, from the date of registration.
  8. Name, once entered cannot be changed.
  9. It is the responsibility of the Medical Officer incharge of the hospital or Primary Health Centre, where the Delivery / death, has taken place, to report the Birth / Death, for registration.
  10. It is the responsibility of the Head of the Household / Nearest relative, to report the Births / Deaths that takes places in households.

Chennai corporation has the facility of generating the online Birth Application form, please visit here!