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Application for Birth Certificate in Gujarat Gujarati Language

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Birth & Death Registration

Registration of Births/deaths Act, 1969 is operative in Gujarat state since 1-4-1970. Rules under section 3 of the Act were implemented since 18-4-1973. Registration general India reviewed the procedure of total registration of statistical works of Birth/deaths and to modify various rules applied Gujarat registration of birth and deaths (revision) rules were published in gazette dated 22-1-2004 and come into force. Registration of births/death are made accordingly.Structure of registration of Birth/Deaths 1 Chief Registrar Birth/deaths Commissioner, Health 2 Deputy Chief Registrar, Birth/deaths Additional Director, Statistics. 3 Additional Deputy Chief Registrar Birth/Deaths Deputy Director, Statistics 4 District Registrar Births/deaths Chief District Health Officer/district Health officer 5 Taluka Registrar Births/deaths Taluka Development Officer 6 Registrar, Rural Talati-cum-mantri 7 Forest area Ranger/Forester 8 Independent area Authorized officer 9 Municipal Corporation Health Officer 10 Municipality Chief Officer/ Health Officer/ Principal Officer

From Surat http://www.suratmunicipal.gov.in/

The registration of the births and the deaths within SMC limit is by law duty of Surat Municipal Corporation. This activity is presently entirely computerized and the benefit of the same can be availed from any of the zone offices. Some of the important information relating to the process of birth and death registration are as listed below :

The forms and formats that are required for the purpose of birth and death registration can be availed from the Civic centers, Zone offices or SMC headquarter.

  • Registration of Birth within 21 days of birth as well as incidence of death within 21 days from the death without fee, and after 21 days of birth and after 21 days of death, but within 30 days, the birth registration can be made by paying Rs. 2=00 as delayed fee. Further, after 30 days, but within one year the unregistered birth & death can be made on payment of Rs. 5=00 as delayed charges, by execution of an affidavit before the executive magistrate. However, previous sanction of the commissioner shall have to be taken.
  • The registration of unreported birth & death shall be made with an affidavit executed before the Executive Magistrate (FC) and on payment of Rs. 5/- as a delayed fee.
  • In the case of registered birth, the name of the child can be entered within a year without fee, as well as in cases of birth registered from first year to 15th year, the name can be entered on payment of Rs. 2=00 as delayed fee. In case of non-reporting of names within 15 years, the same can not be entered in any circumstances.
  • First copy of such birth & death is given free of cost within one year.
  • For additional copy of birth & death, an application in prescribed form shall have to be made.
  • On payment of Rs. 1=00, a copy of birth & death certificate is available in Gujarati or English.
  • For registering the birth & death, all the information in detailed proforma, in a readable and clear manner have to be furnished.
  • In the birth registration, once the name of child is entered the same can not be amended in any nature and no other (alias) name can be attached to it.
  • At the time of death, the name of deceased is certain. Therefore the name prevalent in the day today transactions be dictated. Once the deceased's name is written, it can not be amended in any nature, nor any other (alias) name can be attached to it.
  • At the time of school admission, the birth certificate is compulsorily required. Therefore,
    it is necessary to obtain birth certificate of your child. Rush is always there during November to
    January every year for getting certificates. Therefore, it is requested to obtain the same before