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What do FormStore Stand for



Imagine India where anyone can easily learn how to get anything from Government. A world where access to comprehensive step-by-step instructions in multiple languages enables billions of people to get their work done from Government and improve their lives. That’s the India we want to create.

At FormStore, a community of knowledge helpers are collaborating to create this world. We are driven by a shared passion to create a high-quality collection of forms. We keep on collecting and improving each form until we think it has become the single most helpful set of forms and also contains step-by-step instructions to use.

While we recognize that this ambitious goal will take years to accomplish, we take pleasure in knowing that we already help lakhs of people every day.

What do we do at FormStore.in

FormStore.in is a collaborative effort to create India's most helpful and comprehensive forms and guides in Government matters. Our Model is like Wikipedia, in that anyone can write or edit a form on the site. We want to become a resource centre for thousands of people from all over the country to collaboratively share forms and write guides.

But for us this is a herculean task to achieve. When we collect, consolidate and upload each form, it has already gone through a gruelling process of search and validation. Finding each form is such a difficult task from Government websites. Some State shall provide web portal for registration before one can download a form and the registration itself shall be so difficult, some shall hide the form in deep links within the website, some state Governments shall have multiple portals and multiple variety of forms for the single process, and some of them simply be not available at all anywhere. We wonder why our email, my mobile number, my computer IP address need to be recorded just to obtain a public utility form? When we started, we visited each state Government website to download the forms. Now we don't know at how many places we have given our mobile numbers and create an account just to download a form.

The world from where we collect those forms, we find it to be compartmentalized due to diversity. This is an irony that our constitutional integration, does not provide means to integrate our Government processes and procedures across the states. We know we shall be of no use had the Government themselves provided these forms in one easy place. But as the things stand, we at FormStore shall have to help bind and bring India in whatever small manner by providing transparent and accessible methods of Government forms.

Who we are

A vibrant volunteer community of conscious and aware citizens from across the country form the core of FormStore. Everyone who contributes to FormStore does it because it's fun. Other common reasons people contribute include the desire to help others, the joy of collaborating on something larger than any individual could achieve independently, and the thrill of being used and read by a very large audience.

FormStore.in founder, Dr. Shrawan Pathak help keep FormStore moving forward.

How FormStore Works

Because FormStore is editable by anyone, our content can change every day. Each version can be seen, which gets reviewed constantly. We collect our forms from all publicly available websites of Government and also writes and create forms basis our experience. We share our forms and Guides freely via a Creative Commons license that allows FormStores' to be republished by any organization or person for any non-commercial purpose.

We consider ourselves a hybrid organization (Which uses the power of for-profit business to accomplish a charitable mission), a for-profit company focused on creating a global public good in accordance with our mission. We support ourselves financially by showing optional advertising. Yet, we don't think that ads should be shoved down your throat. We allow anyone to opt-out of ads by simply registering an account to join our editor community. We do not ask for any financial assistance from our editors and members.

To us, a hybrid organization combines the best elements of traditional businesses with non profits:

  • Like a nonprofit, FormStore focuses on fulfilling its goal to help provide forms and guides to people for free.
  • Like a business, it uses thin profits to finance its operations, innovate, expand, and assure stability for the project.

Our Mission

By collecting and making available public utility forms and writing the most comprehensive helpful guides to use the forms, we will empower every Indian's to achieve freedom from Bureaucratic clutter and delays.


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